About Us

Deal Farm Soap Company is a small, mom-owned, family run business started in 2002 by Renee Deal. Renee personally formulates and makes all the soaps, and most of the other products we offer. Renee also juggles nearly all aspects of the business including designing packaging, filling and shipping orders, creating newsletters and marketing materials and more. Her husband Roy built and maintains the Deal Farm website. And her mom Helen often helps with wrapping soaps in fabric. Renee and Roy's 3-year-old son Pearce also enjoys getting involved with the family business. He enjoys helping his mom shop for supplies, sitting and cutting fabrics for soap packaging, and even wrapping soaps in fabric...although he's still perfecting his technique.

How We Got Started

Renee Deal was born to be an entrepreneur. At the age of 6 she started her own pet food business, buying rabbit and parakeet food in bulk and selling it to families in the neighborhood. This is how she supported her collection of rabbits, birds, and the occasional hamster, frog or newt. Later, she made jewelry and sold it to local gift shops. Then came photography. With no formal training, this girl from the suburbs decided to travel to Wyoming to photograph rodeo. She sold a few photos along the way.

Somewhere between the myriad of businesses, she received her BFA in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. After graduating in 1994, she started her career designing athletic footwear. Renee says, "It was a fun career, which rewarded me every day I saw someone wearing shoes I designed. I'm sure some people must have wondered about the girl smiling and staring at their feet!" But once she started making soap in 2002, she was having so much fun she decided to say good-bye to shoes and hello to soap. Renee dove in headfirst and got the business off the ground, formulating product, designing packaging, building a website, and the list goes on. Originally she started by making vegetable oil soaps, but once she read about goat milk soap being the "Cadillac" of handmade soaps she knew that goat milk soaps would be the focus of her business.

Renee says, "During the past 6 years I've had more late nights than I dare mention, making soap and cutting it into bars, packaging products and preparing orders for shipment, and I love it! 3 years ago I added a new baby into the mix. True, my late nights are getting later and I get less work done during day light hours, but I have the freedom of being my own boss. My 3-year-old son even takes pride in watching his Mom run a business. During a recent trip into Whole Foods Market, he chatted with customers in the store about how he was there to see Mommy's soap… now that really makes me smile."

About Our Name

Deal Farm Soap Company is named after its founder, Renee Deal. And the word "farm" in our name refers to the farm fresh products we produce. We are proud supporters of small local family farms. Our goat milk comes from the most pampered goats around.


Deal Farm Soap Company is a proud member of the Indie Beauty Network.